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Since 2002, Glasu has undertaken a number of projects relating to the Country Store, Energy & Waste and New Harvest themes. Please browse the reports and results below. If you require more information, please contact us via any of the following methods: -

Post : Glasu
Antur Gwy,
Park Road,
Builth Wells,
Tel : 01982 552224
Fax : 01982 552872
Email :

All Reports are in PDF format. In order to read the reports you will need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.
To download Acrobat
click here.

If you would like to download a report to your hard disk, right click on the report, and then use the 'save as' option from the menu. If you left click on a report the report will open up in a new window.

Country Store

  1. Accessing Markets for Craft Willows
  2. Improving the Quality of Welsh Thatching Straw
  3. Feasibility of Wool Scouring Facilities in Powys
  4. Willows in Powys
  5. Preservation Protocol
  6. Douglas Fir Hot Tubs

Energy & Waste Reports

  1. A Draft Report on The Dyfi Valley Waste Audit
  2. Firewood Bundling Project Report
  3. Llanidloes AD Feasibility Study
  4. Llanidloes AD Study Appendix 1
  5. Llanidloes AD Study Appendix 2
  6. Llanidloes AD Study Appendix 3
  7. Llanidloes AD Study Appendix 4
  8. Llanidloes AD Study Appendix 5
  9. BioEthanol - Fuel of Fancy
  10. Fair Miles Carbon Offsetting Feasibility Study
  11. Fair Miles
  12. CHP Summary Report Jan 07
  13. Living Highways Report 2006
  14. Happy Bin South Report
  15. Pelleting Alternative Materials report
  16. Wood Fuel Feasibility Study - Country House
  17. Wood Fuel Feasibility Study - House North Powys
  18. Wood Fuel Feasibility Study - The Farmhouse
  19. How to Buy Wood Fuels Guide
  20. Wood Fuel Feasability Study - East Powys Farmhouse
  21. Wood Fuel Feasability Study - Village House
  22. Wood Fuel Feasability Study - Field study centre
  23. Happy Bin Project Autumn 2007
  24. Final Report Llanidloes CHP

New Harvest

  1. Perllanau Powys Apple Varieties Poster
  2. Elan Valley Mutton Project
  3. Powys Wild Food Project
  4. Woodland Pigs And Poultry Feasibility Study
  5. A Guide to Seed Saving
  6. Orchard Information Sheet 1 - Varieties
  7. Orchard Information Sheet 2 - Rootstocks
  8. Orchard Information Sheet 3 - Planting and Staking
  9. Orchard Information Sheet 4 - Picking and Storing
  10. Orchard Information Sheet 5 - Pruning
  11. Orchard Information Sheet 6 - Maintaining a Healthy Orchard
  12. The Economic Potential of Local Orchard Fruit in Powys
  13. Oriental Vegetables Information Sheets
  14. Market Analysis of the Food Service Sector in Powys
  15. Drying Local Orchard Fruits feasibility study
  16. Survey of small-scale horticultural growers in Powys
  17. Supply of local vegetables to the public sector in Powys


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