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  Perllanau Powys Project
  Community Supported  Agriculture
  Accessing Innovation
  Glasu Project Reports

The New Harvest Project encourages producers and consumers in Powys to come forward with innovative ideas to add value to local food. The Accessing Innovation Project provides the means to develop small-scale sub-projects that are not covered in the existing work programmes for Perllanau Powys or Community Supported Agriculture.

Several sub-projects are currently being supported through the Accessing Innovation strand. There are sub-projects to trial new crops, research new ways of exploiting resources in Powys, establish new markets for produce and raise awareness of local food. These sub-projects include:

Elan Valley Mutton Project:
CowlWelsh Mountain Lambs are a small, hardy breed of sheep which have grazed the hillsides of the Elan Valley for centuries. The traditional method of production was to leave the wethers (castrated males) up on the mountain to fatten for up to four years. Supermarkets have not been keen to sell this mutton, so it is usually exported to southern Europe. The Elan Valley Mutton Project will test whether a potential market exists for more tender 2-3 year old mountain wethers. The project will undertake market research, develop a smoked mutton product and produce recipe leaflets.

Powys Blueberry Project:
Blueberry BushesBlueberries are a versatile and increasingly popular fruit. Recent studies have emphasised the potential health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol levels. The market is rapidly expanding but at present the majority of blueberries sold in the UK are imported. Blueberries need acidic soil and guaranteed soil moisture to thrive. The Powys Blueberry Project explores the potential to cultivate this novel crop and establish a market for locally grown blueberries. The blueberry crop trial for this project will investigate varieties and growing conditions that are most appropriate to Powys.

Woodland Poultry and Pigs Feasibility Study:
There is a growing interest in high-quality, free-range meat and eggs that have been produced in systems that allow animals to express their natural behaviours. Pigs and chickens evolved within woodland ecosystems and are a natural choice to manage woodlands in a sustainable manner. This feasibility study investigates the suitability for woodland pig and poultry production in Powys and the local market demand for their meat and eggs.


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