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Apple on a Tree
  Perllanau Powys Project
  Community Supported  Agriculture
  Accessing Innovation
  Glasu Project Reports


Ripe ApplesThis project aims to promote orchards in Powys and to support growers to add value to local orchard fruit. The Perllanau Powys Project brings together partners from a wide range of organisations with an interest in preserving orchards in the county, including the Marcher Apple Network, Brecknock Wildlife Trust, the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority, Powys County Council and private orchard owners.

Initial scoping work has shown that there is enormous potential to develop orchards in Powys and to add value to a food resource that may otherwise go to waste as windfalls. There is a significant demand for orchard fruit (apples, pears, plums, etc) from veggie box schemes and healthy tuck shops in schools.

The Perllanau Powys steering group has identified the following objectives for the project :

  • To add value to the produce from the orchards in Powys through product development, collaborative activities and by accessing new markets for orchard fruit;
  • To produce awareness raising materials about the orchards in Powys;
  • To organise Open Days at orchards in Powys;
  • To organise demonstrations at Farmers' Markets and Food Fairs;
  • To develop an Orchard Forum for Powys;
  • To develop links with other projects that are involved with orchards and their products across the UK;
  • To organise training events in orchard management and to enable people to re-discover traditional skills.

People Harvesting ApplesThe Project has appointed consultants, Tony and Liz Gentil, to act as 'The Orchard Doctor' from August 2005 to February 2007. The Orchard Doctor will undertake survey work in thirty orchards across Powys and assist orchard owners to develop sustainable management plans. They will produce information sheets and run training courses to advise people on how to maintain their orchards. The Orchard Doctor will also collate a list of people who are suitably qualified and experienced to carry out management tasks, such as pruning, in orchards in Powys.

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