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  Perllanau Powys Project
  Community Supported  Agriculture
  Accessing Innovation
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The New Harvest Project aims to add value to local food produced in Powys. This can mean finding innovative ways for marketing traditional produce, such as mutton, or developing new crops to Powys, for example exotic mushrooms and blueberries. Other projects are aimed at developing new markets for local food products in Powys; providing technical support for food producers; and encouraging cooperative working to solve problems such as the distribution of local food.

The New Harvest Project works in partnership with relevant businesses and organisations to offer assistance with research, product development, marketing and publicity. Glasu also acts as a facilitator, by holding meetings to bring together interested individuals to discuss taking forward ideas.

Ongoing projects include:

  • Perllanau Powys Project - raising awareness about the orchards in Powys. As part of the project, an Orchard Doctor has been appointed to offer expertise, people are being trained to manage their fruit orchards and the possibilities of adding value to orchard fruit are being explored.
  • Community Supported Agriculture - developing links between local consumers and the people that produce their food. Glasu supported the development of seven veggie box schemes across Powys that have been very successful.
  • Accessing Innovation - managing a fund that allows innovative ideas to be researched and piloted. For example, research into the 'Wild Foods of Powys' and 'From Gate to Plate' events, reconnecting food with its local farm origins.

If you have any ideas for future projects, would like more information on existing projects or need any other assistance, please contact us.

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