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Glasu is the LEADER+ Programme in Powys. LEADER+ pilots innovative approaches to rural development to help develop more sustainable communities in rural Wales.

There are seven LEADER+ programmes in Wales. All LEADER+ programmes have the same principles in that they work through: -

  • Partnership with other organisations in their areas, for example on Glasu's Local Action Group there are representatives from the Farmers Union of Wales, Coed Cymru, Brecon Beacons National Park, Powys County Council, DEFRA, Welsh Assembly Government as well as people who are involved in agriculture on a day to day basis;

  • Piloting new approaches to rural development;

  • Supporting people who have ideas they would like to develop at the grassroots;

  • Joint working with other organisations to develop projects, for example Glasu has worked with Brecknock Hill Cheviots and Farming Connect to look at alternative uses for wool and sheepskins.

Each LEADER+ group has a different theme; Glasu has chosen adding value to local products. Glasu also works with specific target groups: -

  1. Micro and small businesses
  2. Farming families
  3. Co-operative and community groups

Areas of work
Glasu has three main areas of work: -

    1 : Energy and Waste
    Adding value to waste produced in Powys and developing ways in which renewable energy can be used in a rural environment, such as wood pellets, transport fuels and waste management.

    2 : New Harvest
    Adding value to food products such as locally produced meat by developing new products, trialling new food crops from the area and looking at new ways of selling produce from Powys.

    3 : Country Store
    Adding value to non-food products, such as wool, wood and non-food crops.

How Glasu works
Glasu supports people to test ideas. Rather than giving grants, Glasu pays for people's time, pays for the rent of land or premises that are used in product development or crop trials, research and use of laboratory facilities, market research and feasibility studies. The results of projects that Glasu has been involved in are published and made available to the general public and related organisations.

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