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Glasu Projects Start from 1st September 2008 - Initial Enquiries Invited
Date : 2008-2011 Throughout Powys

Glasu Projects Start from 1st September 2008 - Initial Enquiries Invited


supporting a sustainable future for people in Powys.

Through the Rural Development Plan Glasu will support activities that demonstrate innovation, co-operation, networking and equality of opportunity.

Glasu will support the development of 'new' processes, products and approaches throughout Powys. Glasu may be able to help you develop your ideas, products and events

Glasu has 8 new project areas to which applications are invited:-

1. Culture, Heritage and Local Products

Powys Experiences Project - promoting your local area's culture and heritage.

Traditional landscapes and buildings - opportunities for people to be fully engaged in their preservation

Access to Local Products, Culture and Heritage - increasing access to local products, culture, arts and heritage

Novel approaches to local products

Eco Design in Enterprise - this project aims to provide an eco audit service to Powys businesses in the culture and heritage sector

2. Festivals and Events

Provide festivals and events within Powys with vital support, networking opportunities and funding that will allow them to get the most out of their event for both exhibitors and visitors.

Provide support for small groups wishing to run an event that enhances the culture, rural heritage, economy, crafts and capacity of their community.

3. Low Carbon Futures

Farm Energy Solutions - supporting measures to improve renewable energy and energy efficiencies on farms

Support for encouraging Transition Town initiatives and climate change adaptation plans in Powys towns and communities,

Carbon footprinting - providing the opportunity for local micro enterprises to calculate their carbon footprint.

'New from Old' - identifying new and innovative approaches and methods for recycling initiatives.

Innovative energy solutions and innovative waste solutions

4. Renewables Powys

The project will support micro-businesses and new business start ups in Powys:

by supplying access to the most up to date advice and expertise

by funding professionals in the renewable sector to attend relevant demonstrations, seminars and workshops

by facilitating technology transfer between Powys and mainland European countries

by providing case studies for enabling knowledge and technical transfer to other communities, businesses and individuals.

5. Wild and Green Tourism

Providing support and promoting sustainable tourism projects including:

Accommodation providers, venues and other enterprises aspiring to be green and cater for green tourists.

Wildlife projects as tourist destinations.

Ecological Pilgrims - trails (foot, cycle, horse, boat, train, etc) linking green accommodation, wildlife sites and other green venues (eg renewable energy sites).

6. Wild and Green Products

Aiming to promote economic, sustainable growth in Powys by developing a range of ecological goods and services. More specifically, the project will offer support for research and development of innovative, added-value products. This will be achieved through co-ordination, research and product development and marketing and promotion for ideas which both

Enhance local biodiversity, landscapes and natural heritage

Mitigate climate change impacts

7. Food and Sustainability

This project will support innovative developments in supply, demand and sustainability for micro businesses (non-agricultural) in the following key areas:

Transition Food - providing support for research, innovation and sharing of best practice to help meet the challenges and opportunities of climate change and post peak oil

Food Access - encouraging new solutions to increase rural access to fresh, healthy, locally produced food

Powys Menus - supporting innovative activities to promote local products to the food service, hospitality, conference catering and public sectors

Innovative Food Enterprises- supporting new micro-business models from community groups to enter the food sector in Powys

8. Taste of Powys/Blas ar Bowys

This project will provide tailored support, advice and generic marketing for micro food businesses (non-agricultural) in Powys. Elements to deliver this project will include:

A bilingual Powys food directory website and promotional initiatives

Marketing intelligence and research into business opportunities for micro businesses

Support for collaborative marketing activities

Facilitation of business networks and information sharing

Further Information :

Initial enquiries and applications are now being invited. Programmes begin on September 1st 2008.

Please contact us By mail : Glasu, Antur Gwy, Park Road, Builth Wells Powys LD2 3BA
By e-mail:  Visit the web-site at
By telephone: 01982 552224  By fax: 01982 552872


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