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Grass PileGlasu's reputation for being able to assist small-scale projects which are aimed at sustainability and environmental enhancement has become very well known and there are still a number of areas in which Glasu can assist to add value in an innovative and sustainable manner. This sub-project will provide the means for new ideas to continue to come forward and deliver specific developments not covered in the existing work programmes.

With the Accessing Innovation sub-project running in parallel with the other three sub-projects it is intended that the Energy and Waste project will be able to handle all the necessary enquiries and activities needed to deliver a significant impact on sustainable waste management and energy production. We aim to achieve this through continued collaborative action, capacity building, and networking opportunities alongside project partners.

There are several projects being carried out within these sub-projects. They include:

Empowering Llanidloes - A Feasibility Study in to Anaerobic Digestion - LLES
Llanidloes Energy Solutions (LLES) Ltd is a community-based organisation that addresses climate change on a local scale with the aim of Llanidloes becoming a carbon neutral town.

LLES want to develop a renewable energy scheme specifically for Llanidloes, to suit the needs of the town, scaled and sited to best benefit a waste source and a heat demand. They requested support from Glasu for an Anaerobic Digestion feasibility study, and a consultant was appointed to carry out the work. The objective of the study was to provide the town with a waste management and renewable energy facility that could maintain itself financially. An Anaerobic Digester would not only make a contribution to renewable energy but would also make a contribution to a low-carbon economy through benign waste management and nutrient recycling.

The information from the feasibility study is public property and provides information for other community groups and organisations throughout Powys, Wales and the UK.

Development of a Wood-Chip Fuelled Combined Heat and Power Business Model for Rural Powys - ZEN-CO2
ZEN-CO2 aims to test and develop a wood fuelled CHP business development model for towns in rural Powys. The model will include economic and environmental analysis of CHP technology with reference to local community and business situations and also local constraints and resources. The towns to be used for the models are Machynlleth, Welshpool and Presteigne.

Technology for wood fuelled CHP is highly innovative at the scale appropriate for rural Powys. Assessment criteria will include capital costs, predicted running costs, market readiness, time scale for supply and installation, heat output and electrical output.

The core of the project will be the analysis of the heat loads of the three towns, technology options and costings and consultations with stakeholders to establish viability of wood-fuelled CHP in Powys.


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