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  Wood Fuels in Powys
  Renewable Transport Fuels
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Alternative FuelThis sub-project aims to develop a grass roots approach to supplying some renewable transport fuel to the County.

The aim is to develop the ingenuity of design and manufacturing present in the County today. It will also demonstrate the potential ways in which our demand for transport fuels could be met from local and sustainable sources.

As a result of this work it is intended to guide and inform a more substantial phase of industry and renewable fuel development in Powys. It is also hoped that Powys will develop informed and aware groups of people representing the supply and demand elements of the industry.


  • To produce transport fuels in the County;
  • To identify and overcome some of the barriers to industry development;
  • To prove principle for the following:
    • Local production based on:
      • Waste vegetable oils;
      • Grown bio oils.
    • Local sales supported by public awareness;
    • Technical capacity within the county.

Mid Wales Energy Agency are carrying out a scoping study within the Renewable Transport fuels subproject. It will look at the potential for production and use of bio-diesel in Powys, comparing the transesterification and bio-power production methods.

This project will look at existing users of the raw product (used vegetable oils), collection and the potential for collection in the County. Existing players in the used vegetable oil (UVO) arena will be clearly identified along with their interest in bio-diesel/fuels and the opinions of the public, various commercial and private sectors.

The results will include a SWOT analysis of the bio-diesel and bio-power production methods, areas of supply and potential production options with recommendations and conclusions.

There will be a macro scale research project for all of Powys and a micro scale project for the Dyfi Valley region. There is significant interest in the Dyfi Valley for bio-fuels and research will identify potential end use in particular. It will also look at the viability of installing a bio-diesel pump on the Dyfi Eco Park for local use.

Community groups will be able to use the information to identify areas viable for bio-diesel production or where partnerships outside of the County are needed to make production viable.

The projects resulting documentation will be useful for a more detailed feasibility study (if required) and/or appropriate be used to draw in funding for investment into collection, production and/or delivery projects for Powys.


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