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FuelsThis project is designed to identify, promote and maximise opportunities for the development of the sustainable wood energy sector in Powys and to provide a complete service. It will support the whole supply chain and will work with and for fuel and technology producers, installers and specifiers, the local authority, SME's, community groups and householders.

The main aim of the project will be to improve the quality, availability and competitiveness of renewable wood fuels in the form of logs, chips and pellets in Powys. Wood energy should be the first option when heating systems are being proposed. The project will increase awareness, confidence and demand amongst the potential end users.

Market information and innovative product and service development will enable wood fuels to compete more effectively against fossil fuels, thereby reducing the dependence on fossil fuels, leading to a reduction in CO2.

The development of this sector will lead to additional benefits such as increased security of supply, rural regeneration, job retention and high quality job creation, increasing the skills base. This will assist Powys in promoting itself as a green County.

The whole of this sub-project is being delivered by J MacDermot Consultant
J MacDermot Consultant
Wood Fuel Powys
25 Heol y Doll
SY20 8BH
01654 703894

Wood BurnerObjectives:

  • To deliver a collaborative approach to the industry;
  • To develop and deliver the supply and demand aspects of both pellet and log fuels;
  • To reduce carbon emissions;
  • To provide an economic driver for the sustainable management of our resources;
  • To ensure that the industry is promoted within the mainstream energy sector.
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