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  Willows in Powys
  All Sheep II
  Alternative Building Materials
  Accessing Innovation
  Wood Waste Recycling
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COUNTRY STORE : Introduction - Non-Food Natural Products

Wicker BasketsCountry Store Project is aimed at developing innovative products from materials such as wood/timber, plants, wool, sheepskins, lime and glass. Through working in partnership with relevant businesses and organisation we aim to 'add value' to local non-food materials by offering assistance with research, product development, marketing and publicity. All the projects we work on have a sustainable theme, whether it is the sourcing of the raw materials or ensuring that projects developed are sustainable in the long term.

Glasu also acts as a facilitator, by holding meetings to bring together interested individuals to discuss taking forward ideas.

Examples of projects currently under way:

  • Willows in Powys - carrying out field trials of craft and basket willows, looking at product development and accessing new markets for willow products.
  • All Sheep II - looking at alternative markets and improving the design of wool products e.g. clothing. This project is also looking at different breeds of sheep for finer wool quality.
  • Alternative Building Materials - The project will develop, research and take to market less environmentally damaging construction products with a particular emphasis on limecrete insulation floor and recycled glass as an alternative to sand in plaster.
  • Accessing Innovation - Managing a fund that allows for truly innovative ideas in the adding of value to non-food products, examples of projects are; Douglas Fir Hot Tubs and Developing Thatching Straw in Powys.
  • Wood Waste Recycling - investigating the properties of wood chip compost and developing compost blends for specific applications e.g. tree nurseries.
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