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  Developing Local Provenance Tree Nurseries in Powys
  Developing the Wool and Sheepskin Industry in Powys
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Tree Nurseries of Powys
Promoting the growing and planting of native local provenance trees.
This project aims to assist businesses in Powys wishing to grow and supply local provenance tree seedlings.

The project started in April 2005 and will run until March 2008, thanks to funding from EU LEADER+, WAG and Forestry Commission Wales.

Native Trees and Local Provenance Seed
Protecting biodiversity and good economic sense

Local Provenance Trees?
These trees are grown from seed which is collected from a defined, local area.

Local Origin?
When collecting local provenance seed avoid collecting from trees that may have been grown from seed imported in the past. To be safe only collect from trees reliably identified as of longstanding local origin, such as from ancient semi-natural woodland.

Why Plant Native Trees and Shrubs of Local Provenance or Local Origin?

  • Shrubs GrowingTheir genetic makeup ensures that they are better adapted to local conditions found in Wales.
  • Planting better adapted trees ensures better survival rates, avoiding the costs of replanting. Growing your own trees saves even more money.
  • Trees grown from imported seed may differ significantly in important genetic characteristics, such as the time they come into leaf, flower and fruit, upsetting the fine balance between native trees and the wildlife they support.
  • Sourcing trees and seeds locally reduces transport costs, reduces pollution and helps to safeguard local employment.
  • Most agencies involved in tree planting, including Coed Cymru, Forestry Commission, C.C.W., Woodland Trust, W.A.G. and Unitary Authorities now recommend using local provenance trees.

Glasu and the Tree Nurseries of Powys project
How can the project help you?
Glasu's Tree Nurseries of Powys project supports growers producing native trees, grown from locally collected seed (within provenance zones 303/304), through:

  • Layout ImageFinancial awards. A Nursery Enterprise Fund offers funding of up to £1000 to finance nursery developments.
  • Advice. General advice on tree nursery operations, provided by a Local Provenance Tree Coordinator.
  • Training. Events organised to date include visits to existing tree nurseries and practical seminars on tree seed collection.
  • Markets. Coordinating the marketing of local provenance trees in Powys, for example: through supporting growers at trade shows; or developing sales through the internet.
  • Cooperation. Support for collaboration between individual growers to reduce costs and improve marketing.
For more information about the project contact Cliff Webb:
Tel: 01982 552224
or visit
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